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(zip code 92007)

CaediffPhoto#1 Cardiff-by-the-Sea, usually referred to as Cardiff, is a beach community located in Encinitas, bordering Solana Beach to the South. The Pacific Ocean is to the West, Encinitas to the East and North and a beautiful beach and lagoon on its South. With a population of fewer than 12,000, Cardiff-by-the-Sea operates as part of the city of Encinitas, but unlike the other communities that comprise Encinitas, it has its own zip code (92007). CardiffPhoto#2

Cardiff-by-the-Sea is a truly pristine location in Southern California where one can find a harmonious blend of sun, shops, beaches, restaurants, schools and parks that inspire the ultimate lifestyle. Cardiff is a classic Southern California beach town that boasts a moderate climate, breathtaking views and two miles of Pacific coastline, a 900-acre ecological reserve, family friendly parks and world class surfing.

Cardiffphoto#6The Cardiff School District ranks in the top 10% in academic achievement of all California schools. Cardiff and Ada Harris are 10-10 schools. The first 10 means that a school is in the top 10% in academic achievement of all schools in the state. The second 10 is the similar school ranking. This ranking compares schools with similar student populations. Family-fun Glen Park is a large, secluded grassy area, set below street level, along rolling, hilly terrain, just south of Cardiff Town Center. The lower portion of the park is flat and has a large children’s playground with a sand lot, two tennis courts, basketball courts and horseshoes. A large cabana and picnic area offer community BBQs. CardiffPhoto#5 (2)

Located in the center of Cardiff is Restaurant Row which congregates along Coat Hwy 101 offering a good assortment of seaside restaurants and eateries. Cardiff Reef is a popular surf spot that produces waves both professional and novice surfers enjoy year round. Surfing at Cardiff Reef has progressed from just a few surfers in the 50’s to become one of the most popular surfing spots in San Diego County.

CardiffPhoto#3 (2)Cardiff was founded in 1911 by J. Frank Cullen, a painter from Boston, turned developer. the land was cultivated by Hector MacKinnon who settled here in 1875 and was the only farmer between Oceanside and San Diego, along the coast.

Cullen christened the large tract of land after Cardiff, Wales and named the streets after places in the British Isles. He envisioned a seaside community playground. He built a hotel overlooking the bluff, a long ocean pier and bathhouse in 1912. Cardiffphoto#4

Cardiff still remains one of the most charming, yet unpretentious “seaside playgrounds” in San Diego.

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Cardiff has a school district consisting of two schools:

  • Cardiff Elementary (K-3)
  • Ada Elementary (3-6)